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January 20th, 2008

08:03 pm - My review on Teeth. [Has spoilers.]
Well, let me just start by saying that every horny boy needs to see this.
They will definitely think twice about doing. Three times about forcing it.
So the protagonist, Dawn, is your typical brain-washed, abstinence-pushing, "stay pure till marriage comes" kind of gal.
She's not hot.
She's not ugly either.
Her family is very dysfunctional. He has a semi-normal father, an ill mother, and a brother, who scares her, annoys her and most of all, wants to screw her.
[Incest, anyone?]
And there's the guy of her dreams [literally, dreaming of their wedding actually turns her on] who she's attracted to, obviously but does not want have sex with.
However, he doesn't care and forces her to spread those legs at the best place to rape people: a waterfall, where no one can hear you scream. :D
As he's penetrating her, the teeth come out, and bite his little man.
And then we hear 3 minutes of screaming, see some blood, and eventually the penis, which was being eaten by a crab later on...gives a new meaning to having crabs, doesn't it? xD
So, the confused Dawn decides to look up on myths, because right away, she somehow magically knew it had to be a myth, and not some deformation, weird biting cancer, etc.
She hears about vagina dentata. *dum dum dum*
Dawn decides to go see a gynecologist.
I loved this part.
The doctor was way too perky like "Hey, I'll get to stretch another vagina out today!" and said cheesy stuff like "There's no judgment in this room, Dawn."
Eventually, he's four fingers get chopped off, and Dawn runs out as he's calling for security.
Victim # 3, some dude who lives in garage is "the lucky one".
Or, as they called it, "the hero".
She confides in him and tells him about the dangerous vagina dentata.
He gets smart and gives her pills, probably muscle relaxants and ands up actually doing her.
Multiple times.
However, Dawn gets angry and the teeth do their job once again when she finds out the guy was just doing it for a bet, to see if he could screw the virgin.
I loved how casually she said "shit" when it happened again, like "Oh, lookie, the teeth in my vagina got you."
Either way, so far, every guy deserved to be castrated, and well..the gynecologist just had bad luck, I suppose.
After this, stuff happens, and eventually Dawn's mother dies.
Dawn's brothers crack whore girlfriend mentions that the mother was actually calling out and she didn't just silently die, but Dawn's brother said not to bother. And Dawn knows the perfect revenge for his brother.
She puts on some make up, a nice white dress and starts to screw him.
As he's penetrating him, the same thing happens, and the his pee-pee falls on the floor. And his dog eats it.
Dawn goes somewhere, in car with a horny old guy.
And all she does is look at him [and us] with that new evil look, which shows us that her new "goal" is to just let the teeth do their job with ever guy that messes with her.
I think we should all have a button on us that we can push when guys try to be jerks.
Rapings would probably happen much less.
I think it was an okay movie, for a "horror" movie, I laughed too much however.
But it was definitely worth it, all the cheesy lines, and awkward moment.
And of course, the bitten off, bloody penises.
If you like to see guys get what they deserve, this is the movie for you. :D
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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January 5th, 2008

02:26 am - This pretty much describes my afternoon. xD
I haven't written in a while.
It's 3am, I just got done watching America's Next Top Model: The Modelthon.
Holy Molly, how I wish I was those girls...or with those girls.
Some of them are quite the hottie.
Videos of us embarrassing ourselves with DDR.

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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December 24th, 2007

I'm kind of too tired to actually want to do anything.
I worked today, wrapped my bosses' gifts, and took care of some stuff for them.
They gave me cookies. ^_^
All's well if I get cookies.
My tamagotchi's sleeping all day again I need to get it so it sleeps during the night so I can play with it during the day,.
Because now I paid money for something that just sleeps while I'm awake.

Anywho. I gotta go take a shower, get ready for the dinner.
Special Christmas dinner and I. Just. Want. To. Sleep.
I told my boss what happened this weekend, and she said it sounds like an anxiety attack. Well, isn't that great?
Anywho. Off I go.
And to cheer your day, here's a supacute video!

Oh, and Merry Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate.

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December 23rd, 2007

10:26 am - I had a horrible, horrible night.
And I'm not going to get all detailed about it, but all I'm going to say is that it had to do something with my dad.
But, while I was up like a fucking owl, I watched a great movie: Patch Adams.
Good movie, seriously.
And now, I'm up, but my whole body's aching and all.
I have chores and shit to do.
And I guess I could get started on homework?
I seem to have like 4 long take home tests, a paper to write...2 projects.
All need to be done by the time we get back.
Cross history project out - Isaac said he'll put it together [PowerPoint].
And then we have Health project left.
Stupid paper for AP English. I feel like giving her a a blank paper and say "That's pretty much the amount of inspiration you give me."



Me and my baby. <3
Current Mood: blahblah

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December 22nd, 2007

12:08 pm - Hooray for a drama dree 2008.
I think things make sense in a perfect, yet weird way.
They might not, at first.
But eventually, it does.
So, someone's new year's resolution is to have a drama-free year, and I think it's much better than the usual "will do homework everyday" or "will go to the gym three times a week".
Those would've been mine.
Event though both are completely impossible.

So here is a little update.
Wednesday, I went to Hope Lodge with the Student Leadership Council.
Hope Lodge is a new place in New York for any cancer patients that live more than an hour away from their cancer treatments. So they had people from the Dominican Republic, California, or as close as The Bronx.
I don't know about you, but when i think of cancer patients, I think of semi-old, weak looking people.
But they all looked different. There was a woman that was only 30 years old. She had cervical cancer and she said she had HPV too. And she said she wishes she would've known about the link between HPV and cervical cancer.
There was an old nice man who wanted to eat but he said he just wasn't feeling well enough.
There was a woman with cancer in the esophagus [throat].
They were all different, but all the same at the same times.
So we cooked for them, I cut the broccoli. ^_^
I had a thousand different emotions going through me all at the same time.
I was sad for them: some of them, you could see that they were going to die.
Some of them were so young, it scared me.
It made me think of how you could wake up one day with cancer,  and that freaked me out.
So when I came home, I hugged my mother tightly, and I said "I love you".
And I meant it.
For Christmas, I'm making her a picture frame with out picture in it. It was decorated in a very dorky way.
And it's original. Which is why she'll love it.

And, David.
He said he likes me. I said I like him. We might hang out tomorrow. <3
I don't want to rush things, being single actually doesn't bother me.
But if I had to choose someone, it'd be him. He's been such a great friend.
He told me a few days ago that I'm a "priceless painting that he'd love to buy".
Hooray for conversations 2 o'clock in the morning.

They are so different.
They have careers now, like artist, rescuer, etc.
6 years ago, when I had my ancient one, it was just feeding, sleeping, and all that basic stuff.
But it's cool and I'm addicted again.

And now, I'm off.

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December 15th, 2007

10:49 am - I Am Legend.
Me and David are going to see I Am Legend in the city, then I'll take him to my skinny jeans heaven, Trash.
[No, it's not actually trash, unless you ask my mom, it's an actual store.]
And my mom's being a bitch today.
"Don't throw your jacket on your bed! You sit on buses and trains with it, and you don't know the kind of people that go on buses and trains....yada, yada, yada."
I almost felt like saying back "Well, at least my lungs aren't filled with smoke on buses and trains, are they?"
Anywho. I shall get ready. Toodles.
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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December 14th, 2007

03:47 pm - I've been too busy with papers and stuff to actually write a thingy here.
Surprising, I know.
So things are going really well.
Someone, that shall remain nameless for now, is making me really happy lately.
No, it's not my hand. xD
And I really don't want to mess things up with him, because he's actually a really good friend of mine.
And even though he probably knows I like him and he probably likes me back too, playfully teasing each other is fun still.
In other news: I'm slacking off in school like whoah.
Not good at all.
Current Mood: calmcalm

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December 11th, 2007

09:59 pm - So I broke up with him.
In a nice manner, I apologized and told him that to me, this is the right choice. It was going to happen anyway, and it's better to do it now, then later..when we might be more serious.
End of story.
I feel relieved.


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03:08 pm - Of course it'll end short and bad.
So the situation is, that once again...I'm stupid.
I thought I really liked Jon...but I obviously don't.
I don't even think I should be in a room filled with testosterone anymore, because all i do is start crushing.
Except for my serious, serious crush..which I tried to ignore. I can't. I probably won't.
And I don't want to be a complete bitch [just bitch enough to have Marina attempt to punch me xD]
So I think in a day or two if I still feel the same, I'll tell him that this isn't working out, and that it's better this way. because now it's still short, and we could still try to be friends.
He's  a really nice guy, very funny and sweet...but...intelligence is something he's somewhat lacking...and that's what usually attractes me to guys for a long time.
And I'm not calling him stupid. [He just lacks vocabulary.]
But I like to be intellectually challenged, and he doesn't make that happen for me. I'm not really...what's the word I'm looking for...sparked.
And I'll tell him that it's better this way anyway, better earlier, instead of when it's too late.
Zach never told me the truth about how he felt about me until a year and a half passed. And a year and a half compared to 4-5 days is much worse.
So I'd never do to Jon what Zach did to me.
Anywho. I gotta go to the gym.
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December 10th, 2007

02:55 pm - Asswipe.
So, apparently, unless I can guarantee David to be his girlfriend, he won't be my friend.

Tinshi09 (2:47:11 PM): ah
Tinshi09 (2:47:17 PM): Nice talking to you
OMG its eszter (2:49:31 PM): ah what?
Tinshi09 (2:47:50 PM): I am not going to waste my time then
OMG its eszter (2:50:04 PM): *rolls eyes* talking to me?
Tinshi09 (2:48:08 PM): yeah
OMG its eszter (2:50:16 PM): Fine by me.
Tinshi09 (2:48:29 PM): YOu haVE A BOYFRIEND

Auto Response from OMG its eszter (2:50:30 PM): Watching Dexter. My future husband. xD
Because there's nothing like eating while watching a show about a fucked up dysfunctional serial killer, who at the same time works for Miami Police Station.
And well, the British chick is just truly hot with her accent, and rocking body.
Okay, off I go for a while.

Tinshi09 (2:48:35 PM): Why try
OMG its eszter (2:50:46 PM): Okay, and that means you can't talk to me? Or be my friend? I didn't get engaged.
OMG its eszter (2:50:51 PM): I just got a boyfriend, geez.
Tinshi09 (2:48:58 PM): Well

Auto Response from OMG its eszter (2:51:00 PM): Watching Dexter. My future husband. xD
Because there's nothing like eating while watching a show about a fucked up dysfunctional serial killer, who at the same time works for Miami Police Station.
And well, the British chick is just truly hot with her accent, and rocking body.
Okay, off I go for a while.

Tinshi09 (2:49:01 PM): I like you
Tinshi09 (2:49:09 PM): and would like to date you
Tinshi09 (2:49:17 PM): not just be your friend
OMG its eszter (2:51:53 PM): I'm sorry? But he liked me longer, and I also know him much more. He's also more my age.
OMG its eszter (2:52:12 PM): And you shouldn't just talk to people just to get them to be your girlfriend.
Tinshi09 (2:50:18 PM): no no
Tinshi09 (2:50:24 PM): thats what dating is for
Tinshi09 (2:50:30 PM): getting to know someone
Tinshi09 (2:50:37 PM): also
Tinshi09 (2:51:00 PM): I like how tou mentioned how tou didnt want a boyfriend and now you have one
OMG its eszter (2:53:16 PM): I still don't have a boyfriend. It just happened.
OMG its eszter (2:53:20 PM): I can't really help it.
Tinshi09 (2:51:43 PM): Oh well
Tinshi09 (2:51:56 PM): I was trying but
OMG its eszter (2:53:59 PM): I would've been  a waste of your time
OMG its eszter (2:54:07 PM): So just leave it at that.
OMG its eszter (2:54:35 PM): And I'm sorry, I thought you could be my friend just to be my friend...not because you thought I'll be your girlfriend.
OMG its eszter (2:54:41 PM): Anywho. Gotta go.
Tinshi09 (2:52:47 PM): whatever

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